Why participate in Battle of the Books? The Battle of the Books allows students to read literature that has been selected by librarians across North Carolina for students to read current literature and enjoy the books. The students are exposed to books they may or may not have normally chosen across different genres.

How many books are the students expected to read? It depends on the size of the team. There are only 12 books on the list and the students have almost 6 months to read their assigned books. The team can split up the reading.

What assignments do the students complete while reading? Classroom teachers may or may not have assignments or projects associated with the books. The students are expected to write questions based on the books they read. These questions will be used in the tournament.

Do we have to buy the books? No. The books are available in the Turner Creek library and the Wake County public library. However, they might be limited or students might have to put in a request for the book. The book fair in October will also have copies of the books available. Students could also buy them at a local bookstore or through a website.

Can I come and watch my child participate? Absolutely! It will be held in TCE gym starting at 9:30.

What can I do to help my child? Help them obtain books, discuss book with your child to help them remember some of the important details, encourage them to always be positive in their team and with the other teams, make sure they are staying on task of reading 5 books and writing 5 questions for each book. Make sure they are having fun!