Pretend you are interviewing one of the main characters about something significant that affected his/her life. This can be an event, a decision, a problem, or an obstacle the character overcame. What would you ask them? Create a video or interaction of the conversation (you can use animoto, Photostory).

1. Pick a book with an interesting character

2. When you think about that character, what is one event, decision, problem, or obstacle that character had to face. Think about all the issues, events, other characters that either played a part in it or was also affected. Here is a great graphic organizer that might help out:

3. Think about the questions you would ask. Here is a graphic organizer that will help you:
**When you interview, you ask open-ended questions. Open-ended questions are like "Fat Questions"- they cannot be answered with a yes/ no answer.
Here is a list of open ended question examples:

4. Organize your list of questions. Narrow it down to questions that would get your character's story out.

5. Think about how you are going to video tape and who will help you in the video. You will also need to have a "script". Your script will include a list of questions and how you want the "character" to answer.

6. Video tape your interview!

Good interview tips:

Kid Interviews from Time for Kids: