AIG students are expected to complete the following activites throughout the Battle of the Books timeframe.

1. Read at least 5 books.

2. Write a set of 5-6 questions for each book (see Writing Questions page) using Google Docs (Mrs. Wood has set each student up with your own link to post questions). We will use these questions in March for the Battle.

3. Create a book trailer for your book. We will be working on this in class- more details to come.

4.a. Character Interview or b. Create a book jacket for your book.

5. DON"T DO THIS JUST YET!! We will work on this third quarter. Post on Wall Wisher:
a. Favorite Book:
b. Characters Just like You:
c. Summary Wall Wisher: Planning Sheet:

6. Final product will be pulling all of these artifacts into glogster: Create a glogster using Your glogster must include: 5 sets of questions (using google docs), link to your advertisement for your favorite book, character interaction, and your thoughts about Battle of the Books (you can have a video, link to a document, or any other creative way to show your thoughts).